New one in the house!… An elephant! :-)

Sometimes, my mum, she really could be in a fairytale! Out of the blue, other animals appear in the house.
Mum goes to this special shop and she comes home with very long, very long – really hundreds of meters of  wire! The wire seems to be a ball, but I can’t play with it, oh no! Mum also has an iron little thing with a hook! She sits on the couch for long times and then… “hocus pocus paks”, there it is! ❤

One day, no monkey in the house, a week later, there it is! Same thing with the polar bear! And the cow who livesin France now! And then came the snowman, in the middle of summer! Go figure!

Okay for the monkey and the bear and even the cow (she left, that’s okay!)… but since yesterday, there is an elephant living in our apartment! My dogness, what an idea! And I even can not play with the beast! Too dangerous, mum says! Hahahahaha! For the elephant, she says! 😉

Fototoot! Hey, mum, normally I am your model! 😉

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