Less naughty… more fun!

Today, I did not try something naughty, I was thinking about it, but I got no opportunities… 😦
But then mum got this box, completely in cardboard and without metal staples! She examined it thoroughly… when she does so, I know that maybe, I can have fun with it!

YES! I got it! I tore it all apart to help mum! But this one was a very strong one, I had a lot of work! Almost 10 minutes! That’s a very long time for this skilled cardboard-business-lady! Mum did film quite a bit of it. I think that is boring, but she said that maybe some friends will like it. 😉

And for the friends who are worried: I do not eat the cardboard. I learned to spit it out: just look carefully, you’ll see! 😉 It’s not always easy, it sticks sometimes, but I spit it out! 😉








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