Meet my new friends:… Phoebe, Zoë and Lady!

Mum made me a promise: next time we see my new friends, she will make decent pictures! She ruined them all. She tried to fix it a bit, but tonight’s episode is unearthy and weird! Hope you’ll have fun with this, but I’m not too proud of my mum’s red blinking thing today! 😦 On the contrary! And because I’m a lady, I will not say I’m a bit pissed, 😉 I’ll put it nicely: I’m not pleased at all with these pics… 😦
Maybe if you click on them, you’ll see at least something! 😉

But we had fun tonight in the small dogpark! These girls are new in town, so I’ll meet them more often to play with them! That’s a great thing! Their mum and dad are nice too! The girls are rescues! But you would not say so! They are great new friends! 🙂

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