A prey, again!!!… And even more than a wet belly!

Raining! It’s raining. But me (when I have lots of curls) and my mum, we do not mind! We go out, before breakfast! 😉 But the new red thing does mind, so mum said that the old blinking thing would accompany us! And that was a good idea. Today old blinking thing is my friend! 😉 It worked and… i can show you something quite adventurous!

So we went out early this morning! 🙂 ❤ Nobody, really nobody, on the beach! Except me and my mum! That is fun!!! I can run far, she does not call me every second! ❤
So, when I was far away, something came out of the sea with the upcoming tide. I start to know everything about tides, these days: at sea and at the river Scheldt! I was sniffing and mum came to have a look! Was proud about my prey! 😉 🙂
Mum said I could play but not eat it! So, I run a bit! Crazy mum, it is breakfast-time! Going to try and eat it, whatever she says! Ohohoh! 😦
End of the fun! 😦 Mum took my prey and threw it back in the sea! 😦
And me? I went after it! I completely forgot I do not like a wet belly! Did not find my prey! 😦 And then I realised my wet belly! 😦
No, mum, I’m not happy now, only will produce a half smile for your pic! 😉

PS A detail for the animal-lovers we all are: fish was already dead when I found it!!!

PPSS A friend from facebook thaught us I played with a shark!!! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small-spotted_catshark





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