Bravo!!!!… We did support!

The Antwerp ten miles: part 3!

This afternoon we still were at the seaside: you remember: the Houdini-situation! But mum says we need the tv-typing-machine to support two of her colleagues! One of them is Fien’s mum! Fien is a doggiefriend.
So first I was sending a pic and an encouragement, before they left. And then I subscribed to get a message on the black talking box of mum to know what Fien’s mum was doing!

Fien’s mum did great! She run the ten miles (16 kms) in about 1 hour and 15 minutes: that’s what the black box said! I think I could not do it… and let’s not talk about my mum, she even wouldn’t think about it! 😉

Congratulations, mum of Fien! 

PS You see me in the pics of the tv-typing-machine? 😉

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