Big disillusion… shark is gone!

Last saturday morning I walked around with a fish, on the beach! Remember? Appeared to be a shark! A catshark or dog fish. I was all thrilled when mum explained that to me! It’s a pity grandpa Lennox is not here anymore so I could bluff about it. I’m not the little one anymore! 😉

On sunday morning we went back to the beach. From the moment mum got me off the leash, I ran like a rocket to the shark-place. I waited for mum and she saw it too: no shark on the beach… Maybe in the water? I took my chances and went for a look. I went all the way to a “beach-island”. There was no shark! 😦 I had a wet belly for nothing… Mum called me back, could not stay to search! 😦

Mum’s red thing did taktaktaktak…taktak… I picked the pics for a pics-story! 😉


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