Mum, mum! Look!… They followed us!

Today we did the tric of Houdini! We disappeared! At least, that’s what we were thinking…

What I mean? Off we went, to the seaside! But… mum, mum… look! They followed us! And they painted the big new houses (tents) in blue and red! And there is food too here! Mum, where is the beach and the sea? Is that gone too, like my little dogpark?

No, Kita, we go there!

Mum, at least there are no fences here! Okay, I’ll run my ten miles on the beach and you do your ladies walk for a few kilometers! Is that a deal! Mum is smiling! So am I! And I run, believe me! Mum made a video of my miles <3… and pics of our followers too! 😦

Mum, will we go to the blue big house tomorrow? And to the food? So that I can tell Monty, Winnie, Taffy and Molly about it? She says not yes, my mum, but she not no either! That might be a good sign! Anyhow! There is the beach and the sea! 😉




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