Mum?… Library mum?… I need advice!

What does she ask? I did not listen too carefully, I’m busy! What I’m doing? Sunbathing? No, mum, that’s a coincidence. I’m trying to choose a good book! 🙂

You remember, mum, when I was a teenager, that you learned me to read? All the pictures we were looking at in the books of your library! The very first one? The one with the farm of my friend Mano? Oh yes, you kept me busy all right! 😉 And in the meantime I was not chewing up other things, hahahaha! 😉

Oh, my dear, I remember!

Oh, my mum calls me “my dear”, than she is very pleased with me. ❤
Anyway, mum, could you please help me to choose a book? Her are lots of them near my box with toys and crate. 
I know I come first, but after all, you are a library mum too, aren’t you? 😉

PS Pics of today and pics of the old days…


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