Me and… sun, sunnier, sunniest!

What do you say, mum? We need air? There is air here too, you know. 🙂

Oh, you mean we go outsie? Make a little run around the table before I go to her to get my harness on. Okay, I come, I know you do’t like to wait… hahaha. 😉

Spring is in the air! Feel this: sun is really warm this afternoon! Because it is Friday there are not many doggies on the beach… 😦  or yes, there far away, there is one. I run! Mum follows very slowly! 🙂

Hello cutie! I’m lady Kita. And you? You are a young boy, aren’t you? Hadchi? Okay, Hadchi, we’ll play and run. What does your mum say? You are 6 months old and today is the first time you are of the leash? You are lucky, I was two before I was wise enough to go off the leash out of a dog park! Yes, little one, we’ll stay near your mum and dad before they faint of fear that you’ll disappear! At least, my mum would! 😉

When we return, sun starts falling down. Sun does that every evening, you know! Mum wants to fototoot… 😉 She likes the mirrors on the beach! 🙂

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