What an adventure!… My dogness!

This morning, our wal to the huge dogpark was one big adventure. Yes, yes, not a small one: a big one. an adventure in two parts! 😉

First of all I had this playdate with Bacon. You know him! The guy with the ball! Today we had a lot of fun with the ball… 🙂 We were running and playing, but then… horror! The ball was in the water. The ball was far away in the water! Very, very far away in the water… 😦 Bacon’s legs are too short!!! He can not reach the ball anymore!
I tried to be a very brave lady and I went in the water, very far in the water! Mum, Look at me, I’m all wet and I’m far in the water! More horror! I can’t take the ball, it goes away when I try to touch it! 😦
In the end I go out of the very cold water… No way, I go in again! 😦

Did we get the ball back? Yes! Bacon’s mum is very brave, she got out off her shoes and socks and she went in the water. Trousers all wet… but she got the ball! 🙂
What an adventure! ❤

So, we had to run to keep warm… And running, I was! Believe me! There was a gentleman called Izzy. He got a crush on me… Well that was a big crush! 😉 He followed me everywhere, touching me all the time! His mum said I should growl and bite, then he would stop! My dogness, a lady does not growl, and a lady does not bite… a lady runs away! But this lady was running quite a bit!

Mum almost had to carry me home, which she never wants, as you know! Anyway I slept the rest of the day… 😉 Lucky me: today is friday. I have the whole weekend to rest! 😉

PS Lots of pictures and video available!


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