Look at this!… Thanks, human pup!

Few days ago, at noon, the human pup appeared with a big parcel. Is this for me? No and yes? What will it be, no or yes? You confuse this lady. Don’t they teach petshop-human-pups that doggies need clear language? 😉

What does she say? It is for all of us? Oh, now I understand… 🙂

Mum is the one who is opening the parcel! Wow!!!!! Mum, look! But that is my tree! And I am in it! Wow!!! Look, mum, this is very good: that’s the moment I was grinning and laughing at you because you were afraid! hahahaha! 😉

My hero-dad lifted me up to do some inspection from nearby of course!!

Thank you very much, human pup! Now I am always grinning at every one entering the house! Yes!!! ❤


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