I go shopping… for a friend!

Okay, dad and mum, let’s go! Let’s go shopping! Where? At the human pup’s petshop, of course! What silly questions these humans always have! 😉

Off we go, we go there with the car, of course, it is 30 kms! Hello, here I am! I want to buy a harness! What? Yes, I know, I’m already wearing one! Yes, I need another one, even in another size! You have a bigger size, please? But exactly the same as mine!

What colour? Red of course! My friend Duke wants a harness like mine. What do you say? Maybe he could come himself to try it on? hahahahahahahaha! hahahahahaha!
Mum, please, would you please explain to your human pup that my friend lives at the other side of the very big water? 😉

The ocean, Kita, the ocean!

The human pup explains to mum that this harness-brand is European and they do not export to the other side of the ocean! And she shows where the harnesses are.
Okay, now we are getting some where. ❤
Yes, that’s what I want. And yes, I come to pay! 🙂

By the way, mum, you won’t forget to buy my dinners, will you? 🙂

PS Me and mum even made a little demo-video! 😉 🙂


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