Another new one… in the house!

These days our house is occupied by always new ‘members’. These days we have the visit of a special snail: a very big and coloured one. – I know, I only can see it is big! 😉 Mum made it appear although it took some time!
And this one is not going to stay as the elephant I cannot touch! Oh no, within a few weeks he will be moving to a very little human!

The very litlle human is born is June. He is the son of the “Eil@ndmeneer” and his wife. The Eil@ndmeneer is a colleague and friend of my librarymum. He is the one who learned us how to tell our stories here! Mum calls it blogging! I don’t know who is Blogging, I never met him, but anyway, I like the Eil@ndmeneer. He loves books too, just like my mum.
Look here if you want to meet him:

And of course… the snail is NOT to be touched! 😦 High up somewhere untill he leaves! 🙂

PS The Eil@ndmeneer – who is not an Eil@ndmeneer anymore, he changed jobs – is telling stories too!


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