A parcel, mum, a parcel!… For me!

Someone is ringing the doorbell. As grandpa Lennox was teaching me, I bark a few times! When mum says it’s allright, I stop it! 🙂 That’s this lady’s duty! 😉 Hey, it’s the building-lady bringing a parcel! I know her very well, she is my friend, she has doggies too! She says the parcel is for me!

Mum, a parcel for me, from New Zealand! What, I can not open it myself? To be sure I don’t do any dammage? Okay, okay, hurry! Oh, my dogness, mum, that’s cool! New collars and new leads! Oh mum, can I try them on? Yes, even fototoot. What do you say? Inside? It is raining too much to fototoot outside? Pfff, inside other humans and my friends can’t see me with them! Later? Okay, that’s fine. Let’s fototoot! I am beautiful now, am I not? With this wonderfull collars? Very lady-like! 🙂 ❤ We get all happy of these beautiful colours! ❤

Mum, listen, if I have to do all this bizar moves with my head to show the collars, I would like to get some treats! What? She says yes? Is she ill? Must be… I am a good girl, mum? Fine, she says! 🙂 Oh, and I suppose I cannot wear them to go to the huge dogpark to play with? 😦 No, I can’t, I knew it! 😦 I’ll wear them in the city? Okay! 🙂

Mum, and who made this beautifull collars and leashes? The mum of Tussock and Bracken? Waaauw! She is a great mum! You know, mum, I’ll always wear this beautiful collars in honour of Lady Tussock at the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe Tussock can explain at my grandpa Lennox over there that her mum made these beautiful collars and leads? ❤

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