New mates?… I’m not too sure about it!

Sometimes I discover new things on my way… to or from one dogpark or the other… Today, well… today… I was not too sure about the situation! 😉

We took a little path we never took before. I like that, of course! Lots to sniff and lots to discover. When I heard the bizar noise, I looked at mum. She smiled. Okay, this must be all right. She even takes the red blinking thing, so it must be interesting! 😉

Hey, you there! Here I am, it’s me, Kita… Who are you? Are you doggies? Your bark is a bit strange, I heard it a few minutes ago. 😉
They came real close and I had less to tell… Was not sure about the situation… Mum, shall we go on, please?

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