Back to ‘normal’?… Me? Hahaha!

So we went to the huge dogpark, a few mornings! Slowly bur surely, after the rain, the huge dogpark is becoming it’s huge self again… 

So life goes back to normal, as humans say. Running and water-business are back! All friends are in the park again and… I even found a small ball! Later, I managed to steal a big ball from a German Shepherd! Yes, I did! You don’t believe me? See the pic!

But as often is the case, me and mum, we disagreed on the matter! I had to give it back! I did not want to! Foxy mum got the whistle and its language and a treat out of her bag… Stupid me!!! 😦  I left the ball where it was, nice and far away from mum and went to get the treat. Would get back to it later, of course! Got my treat, but… Well, I was put on the leash until the dad of the Sheperd picked up the big ball! This Shepherd has his dad well trained. 😉
But that dad was foxy too! He put the ball back in a big bag. Shepherd did not smile neither and he got no treat! Hahaha!

Who is the smartest in the end, you think? 😉 This lady says it is the one who got the treat! 🙂 Ball is gone anyway! 😉






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