Look what they’ve done to my… park!

WWW today was just a half WWW… Told you already about it some time ago. Today I was not only surprised but I was thunderstruck. We came at the huge dogpark. Well mum, look at this: here is some kind of gate? Mum, look there! More fences! Even for us doggies now? No, a festival? Who is that? A human?

Lots of humans, Kita!

What? Music? Is that a mister human, mum! Or a lady human?

No, something you hear, Kita!

Now I understand you: barking and whining and barking again! Why do you laugh? 😦 It often sounds better than barking? You are kidding! 😉 And why can’t I go and see all those houses they were building? There is another new fence! We even can’t go to the water-business part! Really mum, I think this is insane! They are going to have a barking party and doggies are not allowed!

A music party for humans, Kita!

Fences for humans who go to a barking party, I understand you very well, mum! 😉 Okay, I’ll inspect the grounds… 😉

PS In the end I had a great time, I’ll show you tomorrow, I need a nap now…







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