Yes!!!!! Not one… but three airedales!

Okay, where do we go now? Weather is not that good? What does she say? We are going to see some aire-friends? Now she must be joking my mum! Where will we find aire-friends? Are we going to visit my family Van ’t Asbroek? No? Ppfff… I’ll see it happen… In the car and off we go! 🙂

Mum, to the seaside? Why did you not say so? But this is not our usual trip… Look!!! A big gate is opened and another car is before us! What a surprise! Two other airefriends! Mister Higgins and lady Zohra! What fun!!! 🙂  For the mums and dads too!
We did a lot of talking, running and playing. Weather was a bit better and not too hot! That was a luck, with all my curls… Me, I need a haircut! 😉

Mum, I’m too tired to tell all this, you put the pics with the story, I’ll comment the pics… Now, I first need a nap! 😉

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