Playing hide and seek with… the ‘Boerentoren’!

Yesterday evening we made a nice walk: me, dad and mum. We were walking near river Scheldt at high tide, I like that! Lots to see!

Mum found another game: she and the red blinking thing were playing hide and seek with the Boerentoren. That tower is very well known! And historical! When the building of it was finished in 1931, it was the first skyscraper in Europe! (Not for very long, but it has been the first and only one!!) Yes, really! Only the cathedral is higher! 🙂

Where ever you go near the river Scheldt on the left bank, you always see the cathedral! Cathedral is always in the middle of the Antwerp skyline! People in the Middle Ages, when this cathedral was built, were very, very smart! They exactly knew where to build this famous cathedral, right in the middle! Still today, she is always in the middle! ❤
And other buildings can hide behind her… as we saw yesterday. And we show you.

After the hide and seek we were having a rest. Mum and dad did, I was exploring and inspecting the rest-place. Result? Hahahahahaha! See the pic!

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