Fun on Friday… but serious questions too!

This afternoon, me and my mum we went to the huge dogpark… friday, you know! Big surprises, huge dogpark has a fence these days! And houses too! And trucks? And streets… I do not mind, I’ll worry later, I first will have wet paws… hahaha: running business and waterbusiness! With a brand new friend of my age: Kazan! A black boy! All black just like grandpa before he got old and grey! 😉 We had a lot of fun! ❤

On the way home I said to mum I had some questions… What will happen in the huge dogpark? A music festival? With dancing? When? Beginning of next month? And they are already working at it? Well, mum, it makes me think of the runningbusiness: ten miles of Antwerp! 😉

Tell me, mum, why humans need all those fences when they want to run and play? When we doggies run and play in the huge dogpark, we need no fences… we behave as we should. Do humans need fences because there are not enough doggies to keep them on the leash to prevent them from doing naughty or dangerous things? I really don’t understand, mum! What does she say? She doesn’t get either but history and experience learned us so? Mum who are History and Experience? Do I know these doggies?

Oooh, Kita, no, you don’t… 🙂 Don’t worry girl, within about three weeks your dogpark is again as it was before! I hope…



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