Me?… A very spoiled lady!

Mum says I’m a very spoiled aire-lady these days! How that is possible? I try to explain it clearly! 

As you know, I was ill. Went to the green clothes! Got these nasty syringues to stop peeing a hundred times a day. Syringues worked after a few hours. And then I got all these pills, in little bags with lots of explanations… 😦
I don’t like pills. Grandpa always said they are a usefull and efficient horrors and they are to eat, that was important for grandpa: eating! Sso he swallowed his pills with pleasure every day, just like that! 🙂 And he had to take many: six or seven, I remember, big ones and small ones. 😦

Okay, back to my pills: I do not swallow every pill just like that! I’m smarter! If I don’t want to eat them, mum puts them in something yummy I normally never get: chicken or cheese… Twice a day, my friends!!! 🙂
This morning, no cheese or chicken left! Ohlalala! Pills must be taken anyway! So? I had a wonderfull Spanish feast: mum wrapped all my pills in two (!) pieces of Chorizo salami! 🙂 ❤

Suggestion for all my aire-friends: don’t swallow your pills if you have to take some without them being wrapped up in Chorizo! My dogness, that’s yummy!

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