A small step for aire-hood, a … giant leap for Kita!

Since I feel a lot better and I am more active again, mum and dad decided to get my thought on something else than ‘peeing’! hahahahaha! I really did agree! So off we went for a nice walk in the city! 🙂 ❤

But to go there, there are two possibilities: on foot by the tunnel or by metro. Metro!! Since mum and dad know that the moving stairs to get in and out the metro are not forbidden for big dogs, they were saying they should learn me that. They saw several dogs doing that! I heard them talking the other day! 😉
I did help a little paw! Today, I wanted to go by the moving stairs, I pulled a bit to tell mum and dad I just wanted to try!

We tried! I like it! We did it several times. I acted as a full grown well educated lady who knows everything about city travelling by metro and moving stairs! 🙂 As if I already did this a hundred times: hop on and hop off! And sniffing around to know all the stair-news! 🙂 Pics and video available! 🙂

!!!!!!!!! To reassure all those worrying about my moving-stairs-life: I only will go on them with dad: if something goes wrong or one moment I get afraid, he always can pick me up and carry me! When I am alone with mum, well, we take always the not-moving-stairs! Because she can’t carry me that long and also because she needs the exercise! 😉





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