Woef and… to the green clothes!!! :-(

Thursday morning before work we went to the little dogpark. I was tired and did not want to play… Why? I got up three times at night, so did mum because I had to pee! When I was not playing, but only peeing, mum hurried to the pharmacist to get me some CranberryActive. (She almost arrived too late at her library!) She was thinking about an urinary infection. The cranberry would help… It did, for 36 hours… 🙂

This morning mum was on the phone with the green clothes, I did hear it! 😉 I did not eat my breakfast, it still is there, untouched. 😦 Off we went… Yep, mum was right about the infection. My pee told so! Me, I did not really understand how the pee did tell that, never heard of talking pee! It had to do with colours. Rest of the pee is to the lab now.

Me? I was examined which I do NOT like, really not! But dad hold me and mum took my snout with two hands. She does not often do that but when she does, she seriously means: keep still and quit! So I did! I even got two syringes in my neck! But I was good and got some dried chicken. I did eat the dried chickn, not my breakfast! 🙂

Now, we are home with a lot of pills for the next 5 days! Yeeey! Lots of cheese and chicken will come my way to make me eat them! hahaha! 😉 And me? I’m resting! Mum is reading her magazine about dogs! It is about airedales again! 17 years ago, it was too and my family was in it! Not this time though… 😦

By the way: this lady still has her girlie figure! She really has! My weight: a very nice 24, 700 kg. (54 pounds), althoug I’m rather tall for a lady. (63 cm= 24.8 inches at the shoulder). And the vet said this lady has very beautiful teeth! 😉 Thank you buffalo-skin!

    • Yep, het gaat al beter! Het is de eerste keer die blaasontsteking. Diarree heeft ze al een paar keer gehad, maar dit nog niet. Lennox heeft dat heel lang geleden eens gehad… We zijn in Antwerpen! 🙂

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