Blue, blue, blue… and a sock!

Last weekend we were at the seaside! Yes, I know… I already told you so many times about the beach and the sea and the birds and… But I like it very much, so does my mum. I’ll tell you about it again today!

And I’ll tell you a secret! SSsstttt, do not tell anybody, will you?! We got up very early, real early, earlier than on weekdays to go to the seaside… Doggies only are allowed on the beach on the leash nowadays, you know. But that early on sunday, there is nobody, really nobody! We were all alone and it was low tide and we went to France, oh yes, we did some walking first! And then, me and mum were a bit naughty: I could run of the leash for some minutes, almost ten minutes! Mum made a video! You’ll see me and the French seagulls and the French buildings! 😉

I found a sock and played a while with it! And then naughty times were all over. Back on the leash! For the whole summer, mum says! I’m very happy mum has this very long leash of 10 meters… so I can still summersniff around  on the beach! 🙂 ❤







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