No way! … I will NOT jump here!

As you know, we live near the big river Scheldt. We daily walk near the river, and there is a part of this walk… a bit special!

I step up a kind of alley that’s higher than the big path. It is near the water. People can sit on this part too! I like to walk on that!
BUT… In the end my small path is very bizar! It grows higher! And then it stops… 😦

Big problem: it is high!!! And I will NOT jump, from high up there. You hear me quite well: I will NOT jump! I say it, every time: Wafwaf! And no, I won’t come off earlier neither! I am an airedale, lady or not… 😉
I like to climb on paths and trees, but I will NOT jump down, I want to walk back down, all my life long!

So what happens every time? I stay up there, I will NOT jump off at the end, I return!!! before I turn, I give mum this big grinny smile! 😉 Oh yes… and I jump off when I want to! 😉 Like this game! 🙂 ❤

When mum is in a hurry, she takes me off and puts me down, that’s less amusing of course… 😦

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