Digging business!… No prey… and almost a big accident!

The huge dogpark was full new fences, remember? Showed you yesterday! They even made lots of new paths with iron! They were digging away one of our hills! Go figure! Disaster is not small!

However, one of the hills is stil intact. 🙂 The one with the nice hole to dig in! So I did. And I did! And I digged more! Mum took the new red blinking thing again, we were on our way home, you know. She was filming and I was digging! 🙂 ❤

And then? Almost big accident: some sand arrived on the red blinking thing. I don’t know how that happened, really, I don’t know. But mum was not pleased at all and… Mum, listen, I did not do it, I was in the hole just and came out! I did not throw the sand, how could I??!

Anyway, I had to stop digging and we went home! 😦

PS Red blinking thing is okay, no harm done! 🙂



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