Too much work… but fun too!

These days mum really has too much work. It is the end of something like a year in her library. Students are gone though, but she is still there! She says it wil be better next week: holidays! I understand that word! 😉

But last sunday we were in the old town, strolling around with Dutch visitors my mum knows… They know a lot about libraries! 🙂

Anyway, we were strolling around and dad and the other mum and dad (yes, I know their doggies, already met them!) were visiting Sint Paulus Church. Doggies not allowed, even an aire-lady understands that. So me and my mum we waited patiently outside, in the shadow! And my dogness!
What did I see? Who did I met? An airedale sir! Benjamin! Ben for the friends! He lives next door to the church! Go figure!! 😉

Friendship at first sight, mum said. We were kissing a lot, he even told me secrets! Lots of pics! 😉 ❤

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