Cooking with Kita… part 8.

Mum, listen,  more than a year passed since we did some ‘cooking with Kita’. I think my sister Féline needs a new recepy! I know you do not like cooking at all, but we can prepare something “quick” and delicious, can’t we? Please, mum? Mum, and maybe, Duke’s mum will try this too, in Canada? Like the other thing we made? ( Oh, mum, and we can secretely (ssstttt) pass the recepy to Chef Mauricee in Australia too, for his cooking show, can’t we? But we won’t tell anyone, will we? 🙂

Okay, okay… you win, Kita!

As always, grandpa would say! 😉 What is she going to make? Oh, she takes something out of the very, very cold cupboard! Fish! mmmm… With princess beans! I’m in, mum, I’m in!! Oh, the very easy, yummy recepy! 😉

There is that big blinking bag, we put the beans in. Not all! Some go in my snout and stomach! ❤ At least one pic to laugh with, mum says! Than the fish, with the cream and spices. Of it goes in the oven! Mum peels the potatoes to cook them! Again, not all! I get some raw potato too! Yummy, but I only get a little part… 😦

Half an hour later, I keep an eye on that!, everything is ready! Oh me, this time I can not taste anymore, mum says! Too hot for aire-ladies. I have a good sniff and I go back to my bed… if I can’t have some, I disappear! What do they think? I’m not the begging lady of the house! 😉



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