Incredible … but true!

I was in my bed! Having a big nap because today is free friday and we went to the huge dogpark. I had a very busy morning in all my businesses! 😉

So, I was napping! Mum sits quietly at the tv-typing-machine when she starts yelling: Kita, look at this! More then 100 countries! I open one eye to make clear I want to nap! She is excited though! My story-telling-page on the tv-typing-machine is sending a message! Something about countries! Are that doggies mum? More then 100 doggies see my stories?

Why does she laugh, my mum?

Ohoh, now she says the D*-word! What did happen? Message is gone and not saved? Ohlala, mum is not pleased with the tv-typing-machine… But my mum has an idea, that’s why she is my mum: she has ideas and not only about her library, also about the tv-typing-machine. She says she is smarter than the machine. But not smarter than me, he, mum???
She’ll make a tv-pic she says, to show this unbelievable thing!

Friends in more than 100 countries – still don’t get it, me, although I’m smart! – came to look to me?!!! Mum counted on the pics: 102! Is your country on the list? Have a look!!!


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