Sunny saturday… play-day!

Today was a very sunny day! No, it was not sunday yet, it was saturday! Me and mum (sorry, grandpa!), euh, mum and me, we went to the huge dogpark! We met a lot of doggies and mums and dads. We forgot about the time, we were on huge-park-trip for almost 2 hours! 😉

I did play a lot, a bit with Katie, a very nice white shepherd-dog but she does not hear anything: she is deaf. But she sees for two an does agility! And then I played a lot with Bo, the cute retriever! I like him! ❤

And at one moment I made all mums and dads laugh, but mum has no pics! 😦 How that came? Well, I got the ball of another dog, of a German shepherd. As you know I hate the fetch and bring-game. What I get, is mine, I do not want to give it to mum if I can play with it with the other doggies… But mum wanted the ball! We all wanted the ball. Bo’ s dad had a treat. We were all sitting to get the treat and yes, it was me who was going to get the treat! Difficult situation! Had to think a bit. I had to drop the ball to take the treat. Should I? Yes, of course. I dropped the ball, put my paw on it and took the treat. Everybody was laughing! They were laughing with me, putting my paw on my ball! That’s what my mum does too, when she wants to keep the ball! I do not laugh then! 😦


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