More ‘remembering’?… Okay, more remembering to do!

Mum says it’s november. Yes mum, you already explained that, I’m not as silly as grandpa used to think! 😉

What’s new about november that I don’t know yet? Remembering to do? Again? I already did… it will get boring, you know! What does she say? Other kind of remembering? Honouring the dead? Normally on the first of november? To busy, we prefer quiet days?
Mum, this goes too fast for me! Just tell me: what’s on the program?

Okay, we go out, in the car! Like that! If grandpa is not in the car – so from now on: always – mum sits next to me to be sure I don’t get ill! We like that cuddling part of going somewhere. Mum tried – with the accent on tried! –  to make some sies!

Selfies, Kita, selfies!!!

I like making sies, it’s fun! Anyway, we get out in several places and go to places with lots of flowers. We visited mum’s human parents again! I already know them! We take little flowers to them, they like that! Mum’s human mum was great with flowers and plants! That’s how my mum learned it and mum’s human pup learns it from my mum…  And the books, mum? Was your human mum also a library-mum? Oh, she was not? But she loved reading and she loved books? I see! 😉 And of course she was a dog-mum, wasn’t she? 🙂

Yes, Kita, she was!

We also go and see other people… Nice day, after all, think I kind of like all this remembering-stuff! ❤

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