Big news! I met another… airedale lady!

Wednesday! Huge-park-day! And it does not rain, that’s nice!

Well, we just arrived and started walking in the direction of the pond, when we had a big surprise! I saw it first of course and went to have a look!

Yes, yes, it does not happen every day or week or month, but I met an airedale lady: Azeris. Hope I remembered her name well! 😉 Her dad and my mum were talking a bit. She comes from France, from Brittany. Azeris is 13,5 years old. That’s like my granduncle Apollo, isn’t it, mum? She is exactly ten years older than me! That makes her a grandpa, no? Like Apollo and my grandpa Lennox!
My dogness, mum, why do you laugh at me? 😦

A grandMa, Kita, a grandMa! She is a lady!

Oooh, don’t laugh at me! I only know grandpa’s, me! (I’m glad grandpa did not hear this stupidity!!!) So she is a grandma, but she is a very pretty grandma and still walking and running! We explored a lot and we even went in the water… Azeris does not swim anymore, she does not wet her belly anymore! I like this grandma-lady. 😉 ❤  

Hope we’ll see her again soon, will we, mum?

    • Hello Molly, Taffy, Monty and Wiinnie! You are as famous as I am! You are “in the world” for more than 6 years, me only 3 years since a few days… AAnd yes, my new friend is pretty and friendly too! Big hugs, Kita and mum

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