I did my best to remember all dales in all times in all situations… just by playing!

Today is the 10330283_10203755921808106_6623497013547792980_n (1)11th of November. Mum says this is a special day. We should remember! 

I should remember my ancestors who died in the wars! Mum, what are you talking about? Who is an ancestor? Ooh, it is long-time-ago-family? Where there dales in the war? Helping soldiers! That’s brave and fearless!

And yes, I will remember them! Can I do honour them playing a lot today? Is that a good idea to bring peace?

So we went to the huge dogpark! Lot of friends were there! Sultan was there. Saw him on sunday too! We played and played! 🙂 He is good in the ball-business, he is good in the water-business and he even is good in the digging business! ❤ Brave guy! That’s all to remember the cestors, mum!

Ancestors, Kita, ancestors!

Later we met little Zora, 7 weeks old! She is a little darling. Afraid of nothing between all this big and even fighting dogs! Peace, gentleman-doggies, peace, please. To honour the cestors, mums says!

Oh, Kita! <sigh>


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