Today? … I am the gentle giant! :-)

Learned my lesson few days ago… Some doggies are extra large, some are medium, some are small… That means that some days this lady has size Small. 😦 Being the little one! 😦

But some days, like today, I have size XL! Then I am NOT the little one! This morning we went to the little dogpark because we did not have the time to go out for a long time. We went away with the car afterwards… Story for tomorrow.

So we went to the little dogpark nearby. Yes, one of my friends was there! Bianco! Okay, today I am the tall one! 😉 I play gently with Bianco, size small! I try to be a gentle giant too! 🙂 This lady always is friendly with little doggies, but today I was a gentle giant-airelady! 😉

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