The little one and… the gentle giants!

Maybe Grandpa was right! Could never figure it out… He always called me the little one. I am taller than he was! When I said so he got angry and always kept calling me the little one.

Maybe, he was right, my grandpa. 😕 This morning we went to the huge dogpark. I was running around and suddenly mum said: Look there Kita! Some new friends for you! Mum was waving her arm to the mum of my new friends and finally that mum saw us! It was a mum of mum’s work! They know each other! 🙂

And there they came… my new friends! Holy dogness! Three giants! Yes, grandpa, I am the little one here and now… 😉 But be sure of one thing! You also would have been a little one in this situation! 😉

The giants are very friendly, they sniffed and then we played. Jamie, the biggest one, Keara and Kato, the black one: they are very nice and… they like treats, just like me! 🙂
Both our mums made pics. Mum with the blinking box and the other mum with a big black box. I suppose you need a big box for pics of these gentle giants! 😉

Anyhow pics are great.

And my mum filmed us playing! ❤


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