A lady? Yes… but… a rebellious one!

Okay, when mum came home late this afternoon I was hungry and I got my dinner all right. Later dan normal, there was a metro-strike… That’s not my business, metro-strikes. I want my dinner in time.

So after dinner I thought I should teach mum and her metro-strikes a little lesson! 😉

First rule in the house? Ladies are only allowed to bark when the door bell rings! Not today, when I’m in a rebellious mood I bark at whatever, but not the door bell! Haha, mum was not pleased! She even had the blinking box… That did not please me so I stopped it. Mum won again! She always wins! 😦

Second rule in the house: don’t touch anything on shelfs or cupboards. Grandpa was quite good in that! So I learned from him not to… Today mum was arranging some things and she did put something on a shelf quite near my bed… I wanted to sniff! No! I had to go in the bed, but I did not want to… I stayed beside the bed, looking at that new thing down there. So did mum… looking at me… After more than half an hour, I gave up… mum won again. 😦

What do you say? Oh no, I won’t touch it in the future: I’m a lady! What did you think? An airedale lady? 😉 Yesyes, but a well behaved one, although I can be rebellious! 😉 Mum says that’s why she loves me: rebellious but well behaving in the end… ❤ Love my mum too! ❤ Late dinner and metro-strikes or not! 😉



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