Flemish cooking with Kita… part 7!

The human mum of my mum, she died a very long time ago! In years, it’s more then the double of the age of my grandpa Lennox and he is 14 years old. But my mum remembers some things very well! Especially about cooking. My human grandma was a very good cook – my mum is not such a special cook, generally… only when she prepares grandma-stuff, well then she also is a good cook! That’s what I hear! 😉

Few days ago she made again that stew, Flemish carbonades… but as my human grandma did, in her special way! I love when she does that, so does my grandpa Lennox! Why? We can help with the cooking! 😉  Grandpa Lennox says I’m joking! Help?? No, we eat, he says! Well, that’s helping, isn’t it? We eat what is too much…. 😉

Mum had the blinking box ready and made some pics for the foreign friends! Of course! And I’m sure, if you want the grandma-recipe, well, ask my mum! She’ll be glad to explain it to you, I’m sure! (I think! 😉 )
(Gracie, in Michigan, maybe you should tell your mum about this recipe, maybe she is interested? 🙂 )

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    • Thanks, you four! At least someone noticed that I had a very important job that day!! 😉 happy wednesday for you guys, too! Big hugs from Kita. (And of my grandpa too – very special, four of the same looking guys in one home, he says! 🙂 )

    • Hello Ian and Kristin. Furst she cuts them! I love that part because I get one or two pieces. She does them in a dish. She puts some spices on them (a mix of paprika, pepper…) and she adds one spoon of oil. And then she closes the dish and shakes the fries, so the spices and that little, tiny bit of oil is on all the fries. Then they go in the oven, at very high temperature! 230° Celsius, for 20 minutes. You saw the result… Mum says when they just baked they are crispy, but not after 15 minutes! 😦

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