Yes, I can! I finally do it!… And you?

I have a very funny mum! She teaches me lots of serious commands, but sometimes also funny things. Grandpa Lennox says we do silly things and dad laughs! but me and my mum we like it!

When she puts her tongue out of her mouth and then back in, I do that too! That’s funny, she says! She says I ‘image’ her!

Imitate, Kita, imitate!!!

Okay I Image her, she says. And now, I learned a brand new thing! Mum closes one eye and then she says: ‘Pink, Kita!’ (pink = wink, for the foreign friends!)

Mum, I can not do it! My eyes close at the same time!! I cannot ‘pink’! But then, we were on a walk and we were resting. Mum sat on the bench and I sat next to her! Mum was ‘pinking’ (=winking) all the time! Saying: come on, Kita, wink!
And then! I did it, and did it again, and again! 😉 🙂 😉  🙂  😉  🙂 😉 Mum laughed and was happy about it but she said it’s a funny sight, I open my mouth! 😉
Mum even took a picture!

Mum says we still have to work on it because it does not work every day… 😦 She enlarged the picture, so you can see it very good!

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