A ‘big’ day!… Real big!

Today was the ‘big’ day! Believe me!

First of all my mum took this very big bag! A bag on wheels! Normally that’s for going to the supermarket! She leaves without me, with an empty wheels-bag.
Not today! She fills the bag! And then we all leave together: the wheels-bag, me and my mum. Don’t like that too much… What’s the plan?

Mum explains we go to a special park… Well, that sounds good! But my goodness! This park is big and special!!! It’s full of boxes, but Jesus, these boxes are big! Real big, they’re huge! What do I say, they are gigantic! You can walk around in them if you want to! And they’re made of metal!
Mum, I’m a tiny, little bit afraid! But I’m curious too, of course, as I should be as an airedale-lady! Can I go on the stairs? Yes? Oh, no, rather not.
But this shovel smells good!…
All the stuff of the wheels-bag go in the big boxes, different boxes…

Okay, we go home! Mum, look! Very big buildings over there! We are small, aren’t we? 😦
And here! Mum, look? This flowerpot is really big, no? Too big to put on our table at home!

This is really a ‘big’ walk! 😉

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