Let’s take a walk… on the wild side???

Okay, first my grandpa Lennox, I know it. I’ll stay in my bed. See you in a minute! Euh, what does she say, my mum? Do I have to come too? We go together? We go both, at the same time, with mum? Grandpa Lennox and me? We go together for our walk with mum?

What’s going on? When we go out with dad, we go together, yes, my grandpa Lennox and me… but not with my mum! Lennox goes first for a short walk and then it’s me for the long walk! 🙂

Okay, there we go! We go to the park to look at the pond. That’s nice. We like to sniff there! Always new smells… grandpa Lennox says this is our newspaper and internet at the same time. He knows lots of things, my grandpa, really!

Yes, grandpa, I know I should not hurry or pull on the leash, you’re less “wild” then I am… we take it on the easy side today! 🙂

Mum has the blinking box for pictures, that’s nice! Grandpa does not want to sit to pose for a “fototoot”? Fine, I’m always in for some rebellious action: I don’t sit and pose neither today! 😉 We just keep going, don’t we, grandpa? 😉



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