I missed it!…. I really missed it!!!

My mum went to the supermarket to get some food. Yes, you understand immediatly I could not come! Dogs not allowed! 😦  I was at home with dad and my grandpa Lennox!

Mum came home and you know what she told? She met one of my doggie-family-members! A daughter of my grandpa Desmond and Femke. The lady is three years old and her name is Jara. Jara Van ’t Asbroeck! Mum was cuddling her, I could sniff that! And she did not take the blinking box, so no pics! That’s a pity! A big pity! A shamefull pity!!! 😦
When I go out with my mum, we never meet other airedale-ladies and dale-sirs! The one time she goes out alone, yep! I tell you, it’s a shame.

Mum says that maybe we’ll meet again! That would be lovely!

Same day we did a long walk, that was nice! Mum took a pick of me before a special place. I was not that interested, I was more interested in her icecream! 🙂

We also saw a boat on a house!! Not in the sea! In the air! On a house! You tell me! Strange day: missed the airedale-lady, got almost nothing of the icecream and boats flying in the air???!!!


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