Stupid rules?… Stupid leash!

Okay, my grandpa Lennox and me were very pleased we went to the seaside to cool down some time ago, during the hot days here in Antwerp! But we love the beach even more in winter!

What do you ask? Why? I’ll explain it very clearly to you! In summer, dogs are not allowed on certain parts of the beach. That’s normal: too many humans, too many human kids playing, it’s full over there. No place for playing and running dogs!
The happy news: some parts of the beach are for dogs and humans (the mums and dads, 🙂 ).

The bad news: in summertime, dogs must always be on the leash, also on “their” beach! In wintertime we may of the leash on those parts of the beach.
My mum had a very good idea: she bought me a very long leash! That’s a special thing! Never saw that before! Listen to this: when I run, it’s getting longer, when I don’t run it’s short… However: I don’t like it that much! 😦

Mum filmed me, and the leash, on the beach! Don’t like the leash! Only when I found the ball, I completely forgot I was on the leash! You see that on the movie! 😉 The movie moves! 😉 Because I was pulling without knowing! hahahahaha

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