Rain?… I don’t care…

Yesterday I was at holiday-mum’s place, my grandpa lennox too! Mum and dad went to a big wedding. I don’t know what that is: even airedale-ladies aren’t allowed to come! Imagine! Anyway we were having fun! Don’t tell my mum what the mischief-actions were this time! I ate the cat’s food, I went upstairs and spent some time in holiday-mum’s bed (yihaa-at home I can not go into the bedroom!) and played with a plastic bag, euh… ripped it in pieces. 😉 But sssstttt! Don’t tell mum!!! 😉

Today, at noon we went to the left bank of river Scheldt… had to leave early over there because of the rain! I saw it coming and warned mum and dad, so we were just in time in the car!

Afterwards we went to the dogpark in the rain. Me and mum do not care about rain! I had the tree for me alone! 🙂
We also took a walk in the park. This Sunday the Sunday-park-party wasn’t successful… almost nobody was there! Lot of empty chairs! And… my cuddlingfriend of last week? Could’t find him! 😦


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