1000 and… summertoot in the city

I, Kita, had to tell her, of course! It is my story page! I told her last time: next time it will be my story number 1000. You do not believe me? Go and have a look yourself. See? Yes, I know I am right. I am always right! 😉

I think we have to tell that to all my friends! Oh yes, and show all the countries where I have friends! That would be great! Well, mum, sometimes you are not too silly! I admit!
Then my friends can look for their country! yes, yes, yes…

And add some pictures of the summer in our neighbourhood? Is that okay too! Yes, I mean: a real fototoot and i will be good! Yes, I will try to give you a blink. I really will! Remember that story, mum? 🙂


So we made a nice walk and did a summerfototoot! A nice guy even made a pic of the two of us! Enjoy it!

PS Scroll to the end and click on the pictures to look for and see your country!!! ❤

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