Yoohoo… handsome new guy in town!


When we were out for walks, other mums and dads often said: there is a new dog in the neighbourhood, one like yours. Others said: there is another airedale here!

After quite some time we finally had a rendez-vous with this guy. First when mum said: come on, we go out, i was not too pleased. I was having my morning nap, after our morning walk…

Then i saw we were heading for one of the dogparks. Okay, i come! I come!

Fun guranteed with this young fellow. Rolf is 1,5 years old. Yes, I know, maybe a bit too young for me, but hey… i am still good looking and i have the habit of playing with a younger one… we have the française in the house, remember!

It was fun… here are the pictures…

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