Antwerp sightseeing … for the foreign friends (part 4)!

This Sunday was very busy! This morning I was in the dogpark for two hours! Playing with Jett. Mum made a film of it: we’ll show it to you tomorrow! Today it’s sightseeing day.

My mum’s best friend and her husband came to Antwerp, we went to Linkeroever (part of town on the left bank of river Scheldt). First they had lunch… but then, I went for a nice walk with two mums and two dads! (Are you jealous now? 😉 )
 I’m taking you to the harbor for the yachts, with a pretty nice view on the skyline of Antwerp! The mums made the pictures with the blinking little box! 😉

  1. I’ve been living in Antwerp for almost half a year-great pictures gave me good memories of this beautiful city! Did You walk to the Linkeroever by the pass under the Schelde? Your Airedale is so cute-so much similar to mine:-) and I love the name-Kita!

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