Rain?!! Weekend?!!… Yihaaa!

Finally, there she is, my mum. This week she was away with the schoolbag EVERY whole day! My mum is not only my mum, she’s a library-mum too! Of two libraries! And library-daughter helps in library number 2 (you know her, we visited her once! – https://everydayanairedale.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/aha-nog-eens-op-bezoek-in-de-koekenstad/),  and library-son he helps two days. Library-son was ill this week! So mum worked in his place on friday.
But most of all there were visitors from Dutch-land on wednesday and other visitors too and mum was explaining things!

Kita, visitors from the Netherlands!

You see, mum was away all the time. No strumming on the computer keyboard and no pictures of me this week. 😦
But now, she’s here and we go to the dogpark! YES! It’s raining, but we don’t mind, my mum and me! When there are no other dogs I run around a bit, and then… my mum plays with me! We play with the ball! I like running with the ball… but I always have to bring it to her! 😦 Now, since a few days, she understands! She throws it and I run very much with it, play with it and then she uses the wistle-language: we start the real work: throwing, fetching, bringing! I always obey the wistle-language! Oh yes! Mum is very proud about that!

After one and a half hour we go back home! Yes, mum, I’m a bit tired, aren’t you? 😉 I think she is… Look, she takes a lot of things out of the schoolbag: presents from the Netherlands-people!

Kita, Dutch people!

Okay, Netherlands-people from Dutchland! I got it! Have to see all that! Hurry, I have to see all of it! 😉


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