Little bit of Antwerp-sightseeing… for my foreign friends! (part 1)

It’s sunday today! I like sundays… In the morning we go to the dogpark and at noon, we often go to “Linkeroever”. That means that we go to the other part of Antwerp, the part at the other side of the river Schelde (Scheldt).

We go to the restaurant! Yes, in that restaurant dogs are allowed! I lay down under the table and wait patiently… because I always get a treat! 😉 But afterwards, that’s the nicest part! We go for a walk! And then you can see my town at the other side of the river! So nice, I’m a proud airedale-lady: I’m proud of my city! So is my mum! 🙂

My mum took the little blinking thing with her and we made some pictures, espacially for all my friends in all parts of the world! 😉 Have a look and enjoy Antwerp although the weather isn’t that nice… At least, it wasn’t raining! 🙂

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