The Lady and… the Diesel!

Day before yesterday I met this young man: Diesel, eleven months old. 
When I was running to him and he to me, his mum said: careful, that’s an old man!

Go figure! I looked at mum and nodded my head. Mum understood immediatly – sometimes she is quick, you know!! 🙂 She asked wo the mum was talking about: about her dog or about me. 😉

The mum said to my mum: yours, of course, mine is only eleven months. Oh, said mum, my lady (you hear this, other mum?) is seven years old, so I think you can’t call her an old man. She smiled very friendly! That’s my mum! 😉

And then I gave a little show! I run very far away and Diesel followed me the first time, but not the second, third and all the other times. With the wistle language, I ran back as a fool. I really was giving a nice show! ❤

Then I ran to the water and practiced my water-business, splashing around in it (too far for pics) and the other mum and the dad too, were yelling at Diesel who saw that the water-business is fun and he came to help! He could not: his white paws could get black… 😦 So mum explained about the paw plunger! 😉

Somme toute, as the française said when I told her: I got a new friend, was having a lot of fun and gave a great show! That was a nice summary! 🙂

PS Mum had not too many pics, something in the red thing was empty… Maybe the waterbowl????

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