I’m patient, but don’t mistake… I am the boss!

This française we have in the house, well she likes to play! Okay, I’m in for some playing, but afterwards? I want my rest!

And if I really want a nice nap, I go in my bed. Well, it was grandpa’s bed… 😉 But now it is MY bed… ❤

This sissie of mine, the française, does not always understand. She wants to be in the bed too. Sometimes, I just leave and let her to, but at other times I need to put things in the right perspective. If I want to stay, I stay! 🙂

When mum hears me growl like that, she always says: “Lizzie, you are getting yourself in trouble, girlie!” hahahahahaha… but girlie does not understand the warning and mum does not pay more attention, you know. 😉
She knows very well, I am the Boss and that this lady can cope easily with the française!

Last time mum had het black speaking thing ready, so I can show you the movie! And pics too… 🙂 🙂 🙂




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